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It’s been a while since we had one of these, so here we go!
‎flowers in the attic bart and cindy fanfiction

Nooooope. Nope. Nope. They’re not even in that book! I mean, Bart Sr. is in FitA, but you mean Bart Jr., so what you’re looking for is “seeds of yesterday bart and cindy fanfiction”.
But still noooooope.

chris has sex with cathy christmas tree

Well, almost? They make out under a Christmas tree in Petals on the Wind, but Cathy stops it.

lamar rensdale

Noooo, lord, don’t search for that, it’s like Troy Tatterton* or Arden Lowe. It gives them power. Who was searching for this? The ghost of Lamar Rensdale?

most screwed over vc andrews man

I’d say 99% of them deserve whatever they get, but for this I’ll say Tom Casteel, who has a horrible father, a mother who abandons him, a sister he has uncomfortable feelings for, a sister who is a menace, and little siblings who are taken away and he never sees again. Oh and then he gets tragically killed as a result of his sister-but-not’s revenge plan. By a lion. 

did corry really die in the attic

flowers in the attic where was corey’s body

in flowers in the attic (book) how did cory die

flowers in the attic cory death

flowers in the attic what happened to cory

Oh. Oh, we’re going to tackle that subject soon enough, my friends. Soon. Enough.
*JK I love you, Troy 

You do?

Oh lord.


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