How’s Boarding School, Carrie?

Hey first of all, sorry for the delay y’all, life and stuff happened (nothing bad, just stuff, y’know? The computer died. Then my laptop decided that it didn’t really want to help out. Then I was sick. Blah blah blah) but I am back!   WHAT. AbsoLUTely not. Shoo.   MOVING ALONG. This installment is…

A Recommendation!

Hello y’all! So a little something different this time!  Along with the biggest apology I can muster for posting this so late. See, back in September, I got a comment from Katherine Coldiron asking me if I would check out her book Falling Leaves and then get the word out to you fine people about it. And…


Hey y’all, I am so sorry for the delay, but we’re having home computer troubles. Hopefully we’ll make the poor dear better soonish. 😦

Law of the Lost

So, as you all know, I moved at the end of October. At some point in unpacking, I realized that I could not for the life of me locate my copy of Ruby. I looked. And I looked. I unpacked more boxes and I looked. I looked in both cars, in my skate bag, in…


I’ve been getting ready to move, guys, and that’s seriously impeded my recapping time. I will be back ASAP, once I’ve unloaded 300000 boxes of books and craft supplies.

Um, yeah

Did you know that in many places, the weekend extends into the middle of the week? No? Oh. Sorry about the delay. It helps when one can find the book that they’re snarking. I will hunt it down tonight and hopefully have something up tomorrow.

Marry an Arden, repent…immediately.

Audrina and Sylvia meet Arden at the airport, where Arden immediately grabs Audrina up in a public-place-inappropriate kiss and she ends up losing track of  Sylvia.  A full hour later, they find her staring at the magazines at a newsstand, completely covered in chocolate ice cream from a cone some complete stranger had handed her….

Bring me the head of Arden Lowe

So here I am! No more excuses, here we go! All of the high drama of Vera’s running away and the reading of her goodbye note took place during breakfast, so Audrina has to high-tail it to get ready for school. When Audrina runs upstairs (with Sylvia in tow, natch), she discovers that Vera has…


I know, I know, I know. I’m working on it! I have a migraine, which is impeding most everything, and I suspect that when I wake up tomorrow, it will in fact be Saturday or next year or something. I look forward to it!