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So Gabrielle misses Paul, I guess because he’s her baby and stuff, but I can’t sympathize because I know his future; and she’s started following the Tates around town trying to catch a glimpse of him. Gladys doesn’t like to be bothered with him in public (seems like she went to a LOT of frakkin trouble for a baby she doesn’t want to hang out with) and the time that Gabrielle got a good look at Paul Gladys caught her and whisked him away. Catherine’s trying not to be all “I told ya so” but she sort of is and basically everyone is sad. Well, except for Jack. I mean, he IS sort of sad, but mostly because he already blew all the money that the Tates gave him. He’s tried to get more out of Octavious but he ain’t having it and he’s giving Gabrielle a hard time because she never wants to go out and meet any men like I WONDER WHY THAT IS.


THIS IS WHY I DON’T LIKE PREQUELS. We KNOW what’s going to happen! We KNOW that Gabrielle never gets Paul back and he grows up not knowing about her and that she has an affair with Pierre and gets pregnant and then gets convinced by Daphne to give up the baby and then she has surprise! twins and Catherine keeps one and then Gabrielle dies and then the leftover baby is Ruby and there we are back at the beginning. Some of the prequels at least have surprises, everything here has already been laid out for us.


So Jack starts a business leading hunters/fishermen through the SWAMPS and among his first customers are a group of rich Creole men from New Orleans including, SURPRISE Pierre Dumas and his father. Pierre chats up Gabrielle and fakes a headache to get out of hunting with his dad. They go for a walk and a ride in her canoe and he tells her about Jean and his accident (though not everything about it) and she gets so distracted by his beauty or whatever that she bumps the pirogue into a rock and they fall in. They get up on some rocks and make out for a while and then Pierre confesses that he’s married, though not happily. Uh huh. Pierre manages to convince Gabrielle that what they’ve felt so far this day means something, so he gets her to promise that he can keep visiting her in the swamps and then they totally do it. Oh Gabrielle. They go back to her house and eat gumbo and he tells her about New Orleans and WE’VE HEARD THIS BEFORE and then he leaves and Catherine warns Gabrielle to watch herself, since she knows that Pierre is married.

Some time goes by before Pierre comes back to the BAYOU and takes Gabrielle to an old shack that he’s bought and fixed up to be their love nest. Oh and I guess they didn’t hook up before, because it’s described in copious detail right here. Moving along, Gabrielle naturally has some concerns about this whole enterprise but Pierre assures her that they’ll be fine and that no one suspects anything. Except that he comes back on a hunting trip with his dad a few weeks later and afterwards with Gabrielle tells her that he thinks that his dad suspects something. Damn it Pierre. Gabrielle’s no better at secrets (I accidentally wrote ‘sexrets’ but that’s basically true) because when she gets home Catherine calls her out and warns her again. This time it seems to stick and Gabrielle writes Pierre a goodbye letter and leaves it at the shack. That lasts about a minute because Pierre comes back and they start the whole thing again.

One evening Gabrielle comes back from love nest central to find her father sitting on the porch with Monsieur Paxton, father of Nicholas who I think got mentioned a million years ago? anyway their family is rich and owns a store. Jack tries to get Gabrielle to agree to marry Nicholas but she’s not having that and Catherine agrees and Gabrielle and Pierre’s affair continues and everything is great until Gabrielle goes to the shack one day and finds Pierre there getting drunk. Daphne knows about them. She apparently hired a PI (would Daphne do anything less) and confronted Pierre with the information. Well, this certainly is inconvenient because Gabrielle has just realized that she’s pregnant. Pierre is immediately overjoyed and assures her that she and the baby will have every they could want, that he’ll build her a house, hire nannies, she’ll be his mistress for LIFE (thanks!) and that Daphne won’t do anything about it because it’d embarrass her too much. Wow, you are a peach.

Gabrielle goes home and tells her mother about the affair (which Catherine knew, natch) and that she’s pregnant. Catherine is highly skeptical of Pierre’s promises, but tells her daughter that she doesn’t love her any less. Unfortunately, their conversation has been overheard by Jack, who immediately swears vengeance on Pierre. Oh come on, this is the shit your dreams are made of, Jack. Gabrielle faints and wakes up to find that Jack’s set the love shack on fire and she doesn’t know where Pierre is (he was supposed to be waiting for her at the shack). She later learns from Jack that Pierre ran away when Jack confronted him. Hahahahaha a PEACH.

So some time goes by and Pierre is nowhere to be seen and he doesn’t contact Gabrielle. Catherine starts to worry about Gabby’s health in this pregnancy (FORESHADOWING) and then one day Jack strolls in with a lot of money and a story about having just been to New Orleans. Uh oh. So Father Dumas saw him and Jack told him everything (Pierre was a n0-show, of course) and Jack tried to blackmail him, but Father Dumas told him that Pierre had already confessed everything and that Daphne knew too, so there was no point in any blackmail BUT he’d surely buy the baby from Jack. Oh hell. Catherine and Gabrielle freak out and Jack hits Catherine, at which point she throws him out. More time goes by with no sign of Pierre and Gabrielle’s health gets worse. One night when Catherine is out seeing a patient, a limo pulls up in front of the house and the chauffeur announces Daphne. Uh oh. Gabrielle is understandably nervous but agrees and is immediately overwhelmed with how beautiful Daphne is. Daphne is there to try and get Gabrielle to give them the baby. She wants to make the decision immediately so that she can start faking her pregnancy and while she’s not happy about it, she does want to have a baby and it would mean a lot to her father-in-law and, besides, whatever Gabrielle’s decision, Pierre is out of her life. She also tells Gabrielle that this isn’t the first affair Pierre’s had, which…not surprised, really. Daphne tells Gabrielle about how miserable and resentful her life will be if she keeps the baby (especially since now they won’t get any Dumas money) and it seems to get to Gabrielle because she agrees to do it. Not because of the money, but to make sure that the child has a good life. Daphne leaves. Catherine comes home and Gabrielle tells her that she’s changed her mind, but omits Daphne’s visit until a few days later when Jack (having heard the news) comes around to make sure that he gets his share of the money.

More time passes and Gabrielle doesn’t get much better physically though she feels somewhat emotionally better having made a decision. One day she wanders by the dock and sees Pierre’s silk cravat handing on the end of it (their signal from the love shack days) and she immediately takes a canoe out to the love nest’s remains where, sure enough, is Mr. Peach himself. Pierre runs himself down a bit (good) admitting that he’s selfish and a coward and was happy to let Daphne take charge of everything. Oh and then he confesses about Jean’s accident. Gabrielle must be pretty conflicted with all this, but we’ll never know since we DON’T GET THE MAIN CHARACTER’S REACTIONS TO THESE THINGS. Argh. They say goodbye forever (after Pierre warns her that he’ll never be able to come to see her or bring their baby because it wouldn’t be fair to Daphne) and Gabrielle goes home.

EPILOGUE. Gabrielle goes through the rest of her pregnancy in a daze. Days go by that she doesn’t remember, she stares at bees for hours (no really, it says that) and she’s obviously having a high-risk pregnancy. Finally one night she wakes up in pain and Catherine tells her that not only are the babies coming, but that there will be two. She’d been sure for a while, but didn’t want to say anything for risk of Jack finding out and selling them both. Catherine asks if Gabrielle wants to keep one and answers affirmatively when Gabrielle asks if she wants a grandchild, but both of them understand that Gabby’s not going to make it so this baby will be all that Catherine has. Jack has already sent for the Dumas, so as soon as Gisselle is born hours later she’s taken out to them while Ruby (who was born immediately afterwards) remains by Gabrielle. When Catherine comes back Gabrielle says she wants to name her daughter Ruby, because she has red hair, and then Catherine has to take the baby because Gabrielle’s bleeding won’t stop. Gabrielle starts to have a vision of being in a canoe, floating through the swamps, and though she hears her mother calling her, she keeps going until she finds Pierre and then they go off together forever. Aww.

RIP Gabrielle Landry. We knew it was going to happen, but it was still pretty sad.


AND THAT’S ALL THEY WROTE (about the Landrys) FOLKS!!


Shut it, you.


Okay y’all, Happy Belated New Year and I will see you here soon with a brand new series and a hopefully it’ll all be a golly-lolly day!

Yeah, that’s right.

Let's do this thing.
Let’s do this thing.



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  1. FUCK YEAH. I am so excited for Flowers in the Attic recaps! I’ve just been rereading it myself, and it’s been…an enlightening experience, lol. I’ve been posting my feelings (slowly but surely) on the matter here:

  2. Tashina says:

    SO glad it’s over. That book was horrible. Pierre is the last person she should want to spend her afterlife with, the jerk. “I’m gonna take our baby and you’ll never see us again. Loooove yooooou!”

  3. crystal says:

    i am ready. hope its soon 🙂

  4. I can’t tell you how excited I am about your recaps for Flowers in the Attic. So much better as a series – and so much more stuff at which to snark. Whoot!

  5. K says:

    Pierre really is incredibly awful. Yay for a new series!

  6. Belle says:

    Can’t wait for you to recap FITA! Yeah!

  7. Azrel says:

    I completely forgot about how awful Pierre really was. 0_o Gabrielle did not seem to be thinking with her brain when she and Pierre hooked up.

    Alas, no more Swamp Thing… but the utter screwiness of the Dollangangers is coming up, so it all balances.

  8. kylie90210 says:

    Did Catherine think about the fact that if she had of said something to Gabrielle about Ruby earlier, Gabby might have felt more hopeful and had a better time of things? Gah. I hate Pierre so much after this, and even though she kind of bought this one on herself, I feel bad for Gabrielle.

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