A Recommendation!


Hello y’all!

So a little something different this time!  Along with the biggest apology I can muster for posting this so late.

See, back in September, I got a comment from Katherine Coldiron asking me if I would check out her book Falling Leaves and then get the word out to you fine people about it. And I said that I would, and then I shamefully did not keep my word. I am amending that tonight!

I read the book  the other weekend and I thought it was a lot of fun, especially for those of us who enjoy the works of VCA. (and co.) It has most everything I like in my gothic-esque romantic fiction: Twins who may be too close, mysterious strangers, family secrets…well, I can’t tell you everything about it, obviously, but I was definitely engrossed. I wanted to know what the answers to the protagonist’s questions were, and who the people in a strange photograph were, and I’m glad that it’s (hopefully!) the first in a series, because if I have one small issue with the story, it’s that it ends a little abruptly for my taste.

There are links to buy the book here: http://www.kcoldiron.com/writing/fallingleaves.htm. I love supporting self-published authors (procrastination notwithstanding) and lord knows I love me a V.C. Andrews homage, so I hope that some of you will give it a shot!


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  1. Wow, now I’m the one who has to apologize. I’ve been out of the loop of V.C. stuff for a long time. Thank you so much for writing this post!! I’m glad you enjoyed Falling Leaves. Hopefully there will be more Whitfield books to come, because I did sketch out three more books, although right now I’m writing other things.

    Thank you again! So much gratitude! 🙂

    1. Megan says:

      No problem! XD

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