Things that are Sought

Hey now, let’s have a Search Term Post!

petals in the wind cory

what did the mother do with cory flowers in the attic

Clearly someone wants answers. Someone needs answers. I…have only theories to give.

Okay. What the searcher is asking for is what Corinne Dollanganger Foxworth Winslow did with the body of her younger son Cory after his death in Flowers in the Attic. In FitA, when Corinne returns to her children and tells them that Cory has died, she tells Cathy that she covered Cory’s body with leaves and left it in a ravine on the road to the hospital. However, in Petals on the Wind, when Cathy confronts her mother after having wandered around the attic for a bit, she tells Corinne that she found a smaller room off of the attic that the kids hadn’t had access to previously, and that in that room she smelled something terrible, indicating that Corinne brought poor Cory’s body back to the house and left it in a trunk or something in an attic side-room. Corinne violently denies this, but she’s kinda violently denying everything at this point. So I’m not sure which is true, Searcher. I’d believe either of Corinne, honestly.

cindy/bart flowers in the attic.

No no no no no. No. You’re all muddled up! Bart *does* makes some brief appearances in Flowers in the Attic (for those not in the know, he is the eventual and unknowing stepfather of the four Dollanganger siblings), but Cindy (Chris and Cathy’s adopted daughter) doesn’t show up until Seeds of Yesterday. They certainly never get any interactions worthy of a /. And even if you meant Bart II, the son of Cathy and her stepfather Bart (oh Cathy), there’s not really anything there either. Okay, Bart II does burst in on his sister and her boyfriend in an awkward moment and start yelling Bible passages at them, but that’s really it.

most depressed painting

Anything Ruby’s ever done?

painting swamp monster smile

Throwing this in for anyone who didn’t see it on Facebook. I gave in and Google image searched this, and the results weren’t as alarming as I’d feared (hoped). But what WERE you looking for, Searcher? And why?

v.c. andrews ruined my childhood

Aw, that seems a little harsh, my friend. I’m sure her works just made your childhood a little more…confused. Unless you were searching for this blog’s subtitle, in which case, it’s sarcasm! No childhoods were ruined. We’re all okay, right?

Oh yeah! And just to mention it here too, there’s now a an …in the Attic Facebook page! Please like us if you feel like it. See y’all soon with the next exciting segment of All That Glitters!

16 Comments Add yours

  1. Belle says:

    Hahahaha love your responses. Especially:

    “most depressed painting

    Anything Ruby’s ever done?”

    Gold, girlie, gold.

    1. Megan says:

      Thank you! I was searching for “depressing painting” at first, to find an example, then I realized I’d misread it.

  2. K says:

    The question I’ve always had from Petals on the Wind is whether or not Cathy had a miscarriage during her dance audition. I don’t think it’s ever really made clear.

    1. Megan says:

      No, that’s one of the great mysteries. I’ve never been clear on that, either. On the one hand, I take Paul’s crazy sister with a grain of salt, but I kinda take creeper Paul with an entire salt lick.

      1. Leah says:

        Personally, I think she did. On a related but morbid note, there’s a D&C Auto Repair in my town. Every time I pass it I wonder if the rednecks who named it know how entirely inappropriate it is and yet I always snicker thinking of Cathy. I may be damaged mentally by V.C. Andrews.

      2. Megan says:

        Hahahahaha omg that’s terrible.

        I kinda think she did, too.

  3. K says:

    Ugh, Paul was so sketchy. When I first read POTW when I was like 13, I thought it was pretty weird that Cathy had an affair with her adoptive father, but now I realize just how wrong it was. And everyone acted like he was this great guy! Yuck.

    1. Megan says:

      Paul is the worst. He’s a creep and a predator and I hate him. Ugh. Lemme save this vitriol for its proper time and place.

  4. I still think the weirdest search term I’ve gotten has been “Sweet Valley Confidential Liz Bruce Sex Scene Description Sex.” Seem vague, no? 😉

    1. Megan says:

      Oh no. Someone just needs to write their own fanfic, methinks.

  5. Leah says:

    most depressed painting

    Anything Ruby’s ever done?

    AHAHAHAHA!!!! Awesome!

  6. neisha chetty says:

    Hi. I know many of you love the books. But Petals on the Wind is equally brilliant. Look at little deeper. Howcan julian have commited suicide if he was paralysed neck down? Why did cathy have sex with Paul when she was with Chris. And she puts a candle in the attic to let the house catch on fire, the incident that bart dies. She must tell them she loves them before they die so they can forgive her. Bart dies before that.and how did She know how many doughnuts Carrie consumed? The package was empty. Pay attention to the words Spanish Moss ‘love the clung and clung until it killed’. Analyse this book using Chris as your mentor. He questions things. Contact me on if you need more answers.

    1. Dafne Gutierrez says:

      Well then, that is very intriguing! I’ll have to look for these details as I am re-reading the Dollanganger series. Though I did question Julian’s death, but he was definitely not missed by me!

      1. Neisha Chetty says:

        My theories lie on goodreads or on the VCA lost angels site “Cathy Blackwidow”, I’m known as Deepthought

  7. Jolyn says:

    Hey, just,wanted to say I found your,blog a few days ago and I’m loving it so far, been reading VCA since I was around 14 or so and like half,of my bookshelf was nothing but VCA. All,of my paperback copies got lost or worn out over the years, but I’m slowly buying them all on kindle. Lol Im still obseessed, I haven’t read some of the later ones cause they got kind of dumb, but I’ll probably read them at some point. I think I stopped after the orphans. I am eagerly awaiting whitefern though. MSA was my favorite after fita of course. Love the blog you’re hilarious

  8. Jolyn says:

    Hey been reading your blog for a few days now and loving it. I’ve been reading VCA since I was around 14 or so and my favorites were always MSA and FitA, I now have my VCA books on kindle since my paperbacks all got lost or worn out over time and many rereadings. Anxiously awaiting Whitefern this summer to see if Arden is still a douche.

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