It’s a Search Term Post!

There’s a new recap coming next week (we’ve been having computer issues at home, damn you malware), but until then, I had to share the following gems:

what vc andrews book sister was very ang

people under the stairs v.c. andrews

ruby should’ve stayed with paul tate


First things first:

what vc andrews book sister was very ang

Angry? Anguished? Anglicized?

I’m going to assume that you meant “angry” and go from there. Now, in my learned opinion, that’s all of them. Each “book sister”, as you put it, has her own unique brand of bitter jealousy. Fanny Casteel seduces her sister’s husband and gets pregnant with his baby, and tries to get custody of their brother out from under her sister’s nose. Clara Sue Cutler steals things and frames her sister, and is the queen of the mean girls while they’re in school together. Gisselle Dumas (as we’re seeing) lies and cheats and steals anything she can from her sister, and will soon enough frame her for various things and steal her man. The angriest though, I really must think, is Vera Whitefern Adare. Ignored by her father, resented by her mother, Vera grows up to not only steal her sister’s property and man, but in fact orchestrates her assault when they’re both just children. She bristles with anger. It’s her thing.

Okay, moving on to:

people under the stairs v.c. andrews

I think you’re just a little mixed up here, dear searcher. I think you meant to google “wes craven’s flowers in the attic” or “harry potter and the half-blood boyfriend“.

And lastly, my favorite:

ruby should’ve stayed with paul tate

Sigh. Sigh. Siiiiiiiiiigh. In what sense, beloved searcher? As in, she should have gone to stay at his house after Grandpere Jack tried to sell her off? No? Oh. Oh, you mean like that. Searcher…look, I know that Ruby makes a lot of bad decisions. She’s made some already, she’s going to make ever so many more in the weeks to come. Now, whether your search is in reference to the events of Ruby, or those of All That Glitters (Paul’s not really in Pearl in the Mist all that much SPOILER), I think I can address your thoughts with one simple sentence.



No matter how nice he is, or how financially stable, or how devoted or loving or obsessive or needy or handy or good-looking or understanding or educated or athletic or business-savvy, the man is her brother. Their relationship is thereby automatically doomed.


I’m out of town this weekend, but I’m working on a loooooong opening recap for Pearl in the Mist. Are you ready for boarding school? Are you? Are you??

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  1. Shannon says:

    Ew, ew, ew. Some people just ain’t right.

    Is Flowers in the Attic the only one without an angry sister? I mean, Carrie was a little bit angry, but not like the others.

    1. Megan says:

      That and the Logan series, that had more of an angry brother/cousin thing going on. Carrie had a lot of anger, but she never took it out on her siblings like some. Cathy had all of the vengeful rage in that family.

      1. Shannon says:

        Oh, right. I forgot about the craptastic Logan series. That one was probably the worst of all the “real” books. (Don’t even get me started on the “miniseries” format they started doing.)

  2. Becca says:

    “People Under the Stairs” by V.C. Andrews lol Now all I can picture is all the kids with their tongues cut out, creeping around within the walls of Foxworth Hall. That would have definitely leant more towards the horror part of gothic horror =O

    1. Megan says:

      See, that would have been more interesting than 100+ pages of the twins coloring, Cathy dancing, and Chris leering.

      1. Becca says:

        Agreed! They totally should have hired Wes Craven for the FITA movie. Olivia would be a lot more menacing in a red and black sweater with knives on her hands. One, two, Granny’s coming for you…

    2. Megan says:

      Three, four, push something in front of that door…

  3. silfert says:

    “…if you go to the family reunion to meet women…”

    1. Shannon says:

      …you might be in a VC Andrews book.

  4. Schatzi says:

    In a perfect world, VC Andrews would have married Robert A Heinlein, and then all the incestuous hookups would have been sanctioned … by someone.

  5. silfert says:

    “To Sail Beyond the Bayou”
    “Job: A Comedy of Secrets”
    “Star Beast in the Attic”

    Man, I need some coffee!

  6. Alexandria says:

    To be totally fair about Gisselle and this has bugged me for a good while, despite the fact that she has what Ruby would call “the evil bite of a alligator’s teeth” (I assume she would say that because she is from de bayou), Gisselle is actually pretty chill about some things that Ruby has done. To be fair, Ruby’s dumbass shouldn’t of painted the evidence that she slept with Beau and DIDN’T GET RID OF IT. Even later on in the other book, All that Glitters (I won’t spoil it)most of the things that Ruby does is pretty messed up crap and Gisselle never really outs her out. She may be a mean sister but she’s not like..Vera or Fanny bad.

    1. Megan says:

      Oh, I completely agree. Gisselle is a brat, but nothing she does ever really goes beyond Mean Girl levels, and she certainly doesn’t deserve what eventually happens to her. Ruby, on the other hand, is an idiot.

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