Pearl in the Mist–The Cover

Thanks as always and forever to The V.C. Andrews Cover Gallery.

I'm sorry, who are you?

No, seriously, who is this chick? I’m going to assume, from her center position on the cover, and the fact that she’s wearing a locket that Beau gives Ruby in the book, and the fact that she looks so damn overcome that she’s supposed to be Ruby, but…um…why is her hair black? Faces change from cover to cover in the series, so I can’t complain but so much (and she does look similar to the girl on the cover of Ruby), but come on. Ruby has red hair. It’s why her name is Ruby! Bah! There are tinges of red there, maybe, but those are some black eyebrows.

The cover of Pearl in the Mist has one of the more random collections of characters, and yet, some of the best details (the main character’s oft-referenced hair color notwithstanding). In the front, we have our little swamp angel, Ms. Ruby Landry Dumas. She’s looking shocked and appalled and frightened, as per usual. When I got this book, it came complete with a tear-away bookmark, featuring Ms. Dumas in this very pose. It is now marking the present day in my planner, so every time I check my schedule, there’s Ruby, looking aghast at whatever I’m planning to do.

She's probably scared of the bad lighting.

Back to the cover details: As I mentioned before, Ruby is wearing a locket and chain that Beau gives her early in the book before she and Gisselle leave for boarding school. It’s supposed to be a little longer, but I’m guessing that they needed to shorten the chain in order to get both the locket and Ruby’s dramatically clasped hands in the picture. Ruby is looking askance at the guy at the piano, who is Louis Turnbull, damaged weirdo of this book. Louis is the grandson of the woman who owns Ruby and Gisselle’s school, and he lives in a mansion on the property. Louis went blind as a teenager from the shock of seeing his father murder his mother and then kill himself. He plays the piano beautifully, but he’s allowed very little social interaction.  More on Louis later.

The woman behind Louis, glaring at Ruby like we all wish we could, is Louis’ grandmother, Mrs. Clairborne, the mother of the aforementioned murdered wife. Mrs. Clairborne is depicted pretty faithfully on this cover, down to the watch around her neck, which, like the mantel clock behind her, is stopped at 2:05, the time she believes her daughter to have died. The setting of this cover is meant to be the Clairborne mansion, where all new Greenwood girls get to go and have tea with Mrs. Clairborne, and where Ruby makes an instant impression on Louis, because she is amazing.

Now, as for the couple in the window, there…I have my opinion, which is not agreed with in all discussions of the stepback picture, but I stand by it. Some people are of the thought that the couple is meant to be Ruby and Beau, given their overall look of mooniness. Despite that, I firmly believe that the couple is meant to be Gisselle and Buck Dardar, the Native American caretaker of the Greenwood school, with whom Gisselle has an affair. My reasons for this are as follows:

1. The covers, generally speaking, showcase the characters, not specific scenes. On both this cover and the cover of All That Glitters, we get a sort of tableau of the characters and their dramas, so here we get Ruby/Louis/Mrs. Clairborne and Gisselle/Buck. Now, this exact scene (Louis on the piano with his grandmother and Ruby there, and Gisselle and Buck outside the window) never happens, but a combination of all of them does. However, we never get a montage sort of effect, meaning that we don’t ever get Ruby in the foreground and another Ruby in a separate scene in the background. Having that happen on this cover and on no other doesn’t make sense to me.

2. The man in the embrace has sort of a blue jeans/work-shirt thing going on, which I think we can all agree Beau would never wear.

3. I think this is meant to draw attention to the relationship being secretive (outside in the dark), and to draw our eyes to the fact that the twin outside is standing straight on up, despite the fact that when we last left Gisselle, she couldn’t do that. Bum bum bummmmmm!

4. The girl in that clinch is clearly rocking a Bump-it, which Ruby could never pull off. It’s okay, Ruby, we can’t all be fabulous.

Not pictured on this cover, even though they’re arguably as important to the plotline:

*Abby Tyler, Ruby’s roommate and new BFF.

*Your dreamboat and mine, Beau Andreas.

*Daphne Dumas (who isn’t in it all that much, but is a great deal behind the scenes)

*Miss Stevens, the art teacher at Greenwood who befriends Ruby.

*Swamp Thing

All in all, an okay cover. It’s certainly a nice change from the oddly posed family portrait style that a lot of the covers have. I do wish Ruby would chill a little, though.

See you soon with the first recap!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. silfert says:

    I’d rather see Swamp Thing on the cover. Can he play the piano?

    1. Megan says:

      Don’t encourage him!

  2. Sultana says:

    The hair colour annoys me too. I mean, how hard is it to get that right, especially since it’s obviously an important feature of the character’s appearance. You may as well make the Dollangangers brunette and be done with it.

  3. bookslide says:

    I’m with you; I always assumed it was Gisselle.

    “Dardar” always made me think of the movie Waxwork and its “steak tartare.”

  4. schatzi says:

    Swamp Thing only plays player piano.

  5. Mandy says:

    I love that you included Swamp Thing on the list of main characters.

    *and yes, I just found your blog like a day ago and am slowly making my way through it. (well, not slowly. More like….er..fastly, since I am starting on the 3rd recapped book on day 2).

    ETA: I also have no idea why my avatar is a picture of Henry Cavill, but I approve!

    1. Megan says:

      Swamp Thing is sometimes all I’ve got, with this series. XD Thanks for reading!

      And yeah, any Henry Cavill is a good thing.

  6. fisho mcspaz says:

    She’s got bigger shoulders than Peyton Manning!!!

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