This is your brain on drugs

When Ruby goes to school the next day, she learns that Gisselle was right–everyone is treating Ruby like she has the plague, and even Mookie won’t talk to her. Beau meets up with Ruby later in the day, and explains that he’s now on probation, if he messes up at all, he’s off of the baseball team, and his parents want him to stay away from Ruby. He declares that he’s not going to listen to them, but Ruby doesn’t want to cause any more trouble and tells him that it’s better if they really do cool off for a bit. At lunch, no one will sit with Ruby and people actually get up and leave their tables if she sits down. Mookie finally talks to her, but only to tell Ruby that everyone at school thinks that she stripped on purpose, and she wants to know if it’s true that Ruby is BFFs with a real live prostitute. Damn, Mookie. Ruby denies it all, and Mookie’s apologetic, but her mom won’t let her be friends with Ruby anymore either. Ruby even drops out of the school play, since she doesn’t want her notoriety to be the only draw.

That night, Pierre doesn’t come down to dinner as he’s having one of his episodes, and Daphne brushes aside Ruby’s concerns that they should get him some medicine by telling her stepdaughters that only good news and happy things will help Pierre. Yup, that cures chronic depression. Later on that evening, Gisselle comes to Ruby’s room and gleefully tells her that Deborah is having a party that weekend and that Beau is going with Martin and Gisselle. Gisselle says that she knows that Beau now regrets dumping her for Ruby, but she’s going to torture him a little by dirty dancing with Martin in front of him and other classy maneuvers. Ruby snaps at her a little and Gisselle leaves, laughing. Ruby starts remembering her old life in the BAYOU and decides to write a letter to Paul. She fills him in about Buster Trahaw and Grandpere Jack, about how she found out who her real father was and came to New Orleans to meet him, and lastly, that she has an identical twin sister. This is the best letter Paul has ever received.

Days go by, and while school doesn’t get much easier, Ruby can tell that her scandal is fast becoming old news, and that while no one is being friendlier towards her, the outright shunning is dying down. She and Beau gaze at each other sadly a bunch of times, but she doesn’t give him an opening to talk to her. One afternoon as she’s leaving school, Gisselle and Martin pull up in Martin’s car, which is already reeking of pot. Gisselle invites Ruby to come along with them to Martin’s house. Ruby refuses and Gisselle warns her that if she says no to invitations, then Gisselle will stop giving them. Ruby rolls her eyes and her sister and Martin peel off. Ruby heads home and goes to do her homework, but she’s interrupted about an hour later by shouting from downstairs. It’s the police, there to talk to Daphne. Gisselle and Martin have been in a car accident (Martin ran straight into the back of a bus), and they are both badly hurt. Ruby and Daphne hurry to the hospital, where they meet Pierre and learn that Gisselle is in surgery, and that Martin is dead.

Gisselle comes out of surgery and their parents go to see her.Ā  Her spine has been injured and she can’t walk. Daphne is a touch more concerned with the idea of wheelchairs and nurses than she really should be, but Pierre is completely devastated, and blames himself, calling it his punishment for something that he won’t tell Ruby. The three of them go home, where Pierre immediately splits for Jean’s room, Daphne locks herself in her suite, and Ruby calls Beau. His parents are going to be heading to the Dumas house that night, so Beau offers to come along to see Ruby, but she tells him not to come, as she has to go somewhere. Beau is a little “What, you have a date?”, but Ruby assures him that’s not the case. Instead, she goes with Nina back to see Mama Dede. Nina insists that the accident wasn’t Ruby’s fault, that Gisselle’s heart was already twisted and she invited the bad gris-gris in it herself, but Ruby isn’t hearing it and off they go. Mama Dede tells Ruby that it doesn’t matter what she wanted to happen, she “threw her anger into the wind” and it did what it did. You can’t pull it back. Ruby wants to try to do something, though, so Mama tells her that she has to reach inside the box with the snake and take Gisselle’s hair ribbon back. Despite knowing full well that the snake is a python and not likely to bite her, Ruby is not exactly up on the idea of putting her hand in that box.

Ruby does it, and Mama tells her to keep the hair ribbon close, since it’s been to the other world and back. She also tells Ruby that she has to straighten out her own nonsense before she can help Gisselle with hers. Ruby and Nina go home. At dinner, Daphne has gotten ready to greet the various friends of the family who are going to be coming by, and she bitches at Pierre not to fall apart. Ruby snaps that maybe they should be more concerned about Gisselle’s well-being than they are embarrassing the family, and Daphne blames Ruby for what’s happened, saying that Gisselle never acted this way before Ruby came to town.

Suck it up, Ruby.

The next day at school, everyone is all over Ruby, with sympathy and crying and wanting details. Ruby and Beau go to visit Gisselle after school. Pierre and Daphne are keeping Martin’s death from Gisselle, and while Ruby keeps that secret, she lets it slip that she didn’t want “this much” to happen when Gisselle makes a comment about Ruby being happy about the accident. Gisselle isn’t stupid, so she guesses that Ruby wanted something to happen, and Ruby confesses about the voodoo. Smart move. Gisselle decides that she won’t tell Pierre about it as long as Ruby “makes it up to her”, so Ruby prepares to leave, knowing that she’ll effectively be her sister’s slave for a while. As she’s leaving Gisselle calls out to her, asking if she knows the only way that she and Ruby can ever be twins again. Ruby does not. “Get crippled”, is Gisselle’s reply.

A couple of days later, Gisselle is told about Martin and she loses it, though she kicks Ruby out when she tries to comfort her. She’s also allowed to come home, where Pierre and Daphne have hired a nurse named Mrs. Warren for her. She wants Gisselle to start doing things for herself, but Ruby’s guilt and Gisselle’s blackmail keep that from happening. Beau and some of his baseball teammates come over after school one day and Gisselle is as flirty as ever, making them fight over who brings her a drink and who gets to bring her a pillow. After a bit, Ruby and Beau go off to have some alone time, but they are interrupted by a furious Daphne, who kicks Beau out of the house. When Ruby asks what’s wrong, Daphne makes Ruby follow her down to the studio. Daphne says that she was always suspicious about why Beau left Gisselle for Ruby so quickly, and she blames Ruby’s for Gisselle’s accident, claiming that if Beau and Gisselle had still been together, she would never have been in that car with Martin. So she thought about it, and then she realized what it must be. As she says this, she flips the pages on Ruby’s easel until she reveals the nude drawing that Ruby did of Beau. Smooth, Ruby, smooth. Just leave it up on the easel. Daphne says that it’s too good for Ruby to have done it from imagination, and Ruby admits that Beau posed for her. Daphne locks the studio and bans Ruby from using it and sends her to her room.

We’re down to the wire here, folks! I would have tried to wrap it up in this recap, but there’s some truly wacky stuff coming up and I had to have room to unveil it in. Plus, I needed room to make a gom jabbar reference.


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  1. silfert says:

    What wine goes best with such wonderful cheese?

    1. Megan says:

      Something very, very strong.

  2. silfert says:

    Chateau le Beast? Maybe a nice Sauvignon Blech? I love this blog. It cracketh me up mightily.

    1. Megan says:

      Thank you! šŸ˜€

  3. Becca says:

    This is the best letter Paul has ever received.

    That part made me laugh out loud. So glad you’re continuing with your blog. I missed it while you were on your moving/lost book hiatus.

    Also : Ruby is a dumbass. Why in the hell would you confess to the estranged sister who already hates you that you did a vodoo ritual so something bad would happen to her?!

    1. Megan says:

      šŸ˜€ Aw, thank you, I missed writing it! I’m really excited to keep going through the series, too, I just started rereading Pearl in the Mist, and it is a recapping goldmine.

      Ruby has no damn sense whatsoever. Gisselle is going to milk that for ages, and rightly so!

  4. Lindsay a.k.a Busty St. Clair says:

    I want to touch James Spader’s hair. I want to take James Spader’s hair behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

    Ruby, honestly, I just want to punch you. Repeatedly. In the face. Put on your big girl panties, for real.

    Man, I am so glad you’re back fully.

  5. bookslide says:

    The Paul letter thing cracked me up like whoa. YAYYYY, I was so happy to see a recap, I stayed up a little more than I wanted to.

    And now, to settle in with some damn Secret Circle. Secret Vampire, it is not.

    1. Megan says:

      I love Secret Circle!

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