Ruby: The Cover


And we’re off! Thanks to The V.C. Andrews Cover Gallery, from whom I have snitched this cover.

Being an artist does not excuse that blouse, Ruby.
Being an artist does not excuse that blouse, Ruby.

Front and center, as is the case with most stepback covers, we have our heroine. In this case, our girl is Ruby Landry, who is CAJUN (never forget that, not ever), a sweet, naive girl from the SWAMPS (hence her midriff-baring peasant blouse), and an artist (see? she has a palette and a paintbrush and everything!).

The folks on Ruby’s right represent her CAJUN SWAMP ROOTS. Immediately next to her on that side, inappropriately close and seriously inappropriately gazing, is Paul Tate, who is supposed to have dirty blond hair, and to be older than Ruby, not the 13-year old he appears to be here. He is Ruby’s first love and, naturally (SPOILER, wait, it’s a V.C. Andrews book, no it’s not), he’s also her half-brother.

Behind him, looking alarming simple, is Ruby’s Grandmere Catherine (see that? That’s French! They use French words and phrases because they are CAJUNS), who is a Traiteur woman. That is, she’s a CAJUN faith healer. She looks really alarmed in this picture, but that’s probably because of Paul and his Roman hands. (Seriously. Where are his hands?)

Looming in the background is Ruby (and Paul’s) Grandpere Jack, who is also CAJUN and lives in the SWAMPS and drinks too much. Grandmere kicked him out years before for reasons I shall not here reveal. He is not really 11 feet tall.

The folks on Ruby’s left represent her CREOLE BIG CITY ROOTS. Acting all clingy there for no good reason is Ruby’s twin sister Gisselle, who was raised in New Orleans, ignorant of her SWAMP ROOTS. She is in no way, shape or form the scared-looking little thing that she appears to be in this picture. Gisselle is 10 pounds of awesome in a 5-pound bag and don’t you ever forget it. (Also, is she wearing a sweater set? Oh no no no, not Gisselle, that’s so wrong.)

The guy behind Gisselle, with his hand on her but his eyes on Ruby, is Beau Andreas, Gisselle’s sometime boyfriend who soon develops feelings for her less-worldly twin sister. He’s…eh, he’s just kind of a douchey rich teenager. He’s supposed to be pretty hot, though, and I am not getting that from this cover at all.

The sassy blonde behind Beau is Ruby and Gisselle’s stepmother Daphne Dumas (who Gisselle believes to be her real mother). Daphne is rich CREOLE through and through, and she’s a vicious bitch. I love and hate Daphne.

Missing from the cover: Pierre Dumas, Ruby and Gisselle’s whipped father, and Gabrielle Landry,  nature girl and wild child, mother of Paul, Ruby, and Gisselle. She is dead long before the book starts, but she is involved heavily in spirit.

Are you excited? Are you eager? Let’s go! Laissez les bon temps rouler!


13 Comments Add yours

  1. bookslide says:

    Ho shi-it’s time for your present!!!

    A Landry’s billboard from Louisiana! I was diving for my camera when I saw it, let me tell you that.

    1. trappedintheattic says:


      1. bookslide says:

        Who loves ya, baby?

        When I recover from this stupid surgery: Dirty Dancing, Rice Crispy Treats, mini-pizzas, and SVH Board Game all-girl sleepover at my house?

  2. Ha, your recap with the CAPS and the Spoiler are cracking my shit up. I cannot wait for the rest

  3. Sarah says:

    For some reason that always made me think Gisselle was going to rip off Ruby’s shirt and scream “Do not wear such foul clothing in my presence! Do you WANT to embarrass me?”

    1. trappedintheattic says:

      Gisselle does not play the peasant blouse game.

  4. Schatzi says:

    Okay, I was a little pissed that you were going on to Ruby instead of starting the Dollangangers, but this is an extremely promising introduction.

    Great job on MSA, by the way!

    1. trappedintheattic says:


      Yeah, I just cannot handle the wackiness of Cathy Dollanganger/Foxworth/Marquet/Sheffield at the moment, but soon enough!

  5. Candy...Ardillita says:

    That book is BEAUTIFUL I love it soo much but I’m sad because Ruby and Paul are…half_brotherss :(( :((: :(( :((: (( OHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT IS TERRIBLEEEEE

  6. Candy...Ardillita says:


    1. Megan says:

      The one on Ruby’s right, with the dark hair, is Paul. The one on the left, behind Gisselle, is Beau.

  7. Kylie90210 says:

    Oh, exciting! Ruby is one of my favourite VC series!

  8. Dafne Gutierrez says:

    I always liked Beau but now after remembering…he’s a light version of Arden… 😦 there goes my childhood. Not that it was much after reading VCA

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