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Nothing about this is healthy
Nothing about this is healthy.

As anyone who has ever read a VCA novel knows, the covers were some of the best parts. The editions that I grew up with all featured a cover with a cutout framing the heroine’s face, and opened up to a stepback picture depicting the heroine surrounded by various other characters. Before we get into each book, I’m going to have a little rundown of the cover.  Thanks to The Complete V.C. Andrews , I’ll be able to bring you these pictures in glorious color.

The young lady on this cover is, for starters, really freaking me out. I can’t tell if she’s scared, catatonic, or just trying to wig out the reader. My vote, knowing the plot of this novel, is for all of the above. (And more!) She’s also in front of a giant spider web that has captured a small monkey, and that, in turn, has a ghostly man behind it. This is all creepy stuff, folks.

This little lady is Audrina Adelle Adare, the protagonist of My Sweet Audrina. The man is her father Damian, who, I will just tell you right now, is not a ghost. He doesn’t even die. (SPOILER) I think he’s supposed to appear that way on the cover because he is the major force in his daughter’s life, and not necessarily a good one, but the whole ghostly aura thing is weird. I’ve always wished that MSA had been given a stepback like the other books, so that we could see the other characters, but instead we get giant spider webs and sad little stuffed lambs. The rocking chair is a pretty big plot point though, so I’m glad that’s in there. The frame on the cover is meant to be the window of a cupola, which is another big story element, so good on them for that.

Audrina is described as having “witchy” hair–it’s blonde and red and white and black and copper and gold, it’s called “prismlike”. I’m…not really getting that from the above picture. She looks blonde to me. One could make an argument for darker parts to her hair, but all in all, that girl’s a Dollanganger. Ah well. I can’t even imagine how they would have drawn “prismlike” hair. Despite my earlier reaction, Audrina’s facial expression is entirely appropriate. She is not a happy little girl, the rocking chair is not a happy place, and she’s about to be attacked by that monkey. Okay, maybe not that last one.

All-in-all, this isn’t a bad cover. This is a weird book (as you will soon see), so a weird cover is just right, and while I would have liked some of the other characters on there (Vera especially), I can understand devoting the picture to Audrina and psuedo-ghost Damian. I give it four dancing monkeys of five.


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  1. bookslide says:

    For some reason, I find the picture in the layout appropriate. I guess I see it as being the road to The Grandmother’s house. *shudder*

  2. trappedintheattic says:

    I can see that. I saw it as the road to Tony Tatterton’s mansion, myself.

  3. budgie says:

    I used to have a rocking chair that looked like that. Disturbed now.

  4. rubydoobydo says:

    i would have loved to have had a stepback that featured all the characters (or most of them since i could live without seeing arden’s damn face — bitter much, am i? — or ellsbeth). i have my own visual of audrina and that is not it but it’ll do since it’s what i’ve been staring at now for, what, 20 something years? but i’m curious to what the artist would have conjured up for vera and lucky.

    1. Megan says:

      I too can live better never having seen Arden Lowe’s face, but I would have loved to have seen Vera, Lucky, and Elly (I imagine Billie’d be too hard to work in).

  5. Dafne Gutierrez says:

    Was reading articles from The Complete V.C. andrews website and I believe that V.C. Andrews herself created the portraits. In the articles it says that she did portraits and one doctor in particular helped rake in more customers for her. She was a child prodigy when at age seven she could draw fleshy humans rather than just stick figures.

  6. Thomas Franche says:

    What about the original, hardcover’s cover ? This was the only VCA book to come out in hardcover first, instead of being a paperback original.

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